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Thursday, January 24, 2013

【Movie|电影】The Tower|摩天樓

After the movie, the first impression of this film for me is 911, what a sad story!!! Also this reminds me that couple months ago I watched an "Air Investigation" show that's exactly talking about how the plane crash into the World Trade Center. After every air crash accident, they will try to look for the black box to trace back to get back the truth. Those terrorists hijacked the plane and tended to fly into the targeted building and at the same time the flight attendant managed to contact to their ground office try to provide the limited information to them. I still can remember the last word from the flight attendant was like "it's flying very low, very low, we can see the buildings beside us" after that the line is cut. Is really touching and feel sad for those involved in 911. God bless you!!!

Back to the film, from the film we can see how selfish and cruel those people in the film, I mean the owner of the building was tended to destroy the whole tower to cut of the cost of damage, and those government general was just concern about the VIP guests!!! Well, the film is last for 2 hours, some part of the story was keep jumping here and there, (for me, I can't even manage to recognize who is guy in this scene and it's already on other scene) can't really tell it's really good to watch but all I can say that it's not bad!!!




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