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Saturday, January 12, 2013

【Drama|戏剧】Bones Season 7

Finally, finished season 7 of my favorite US drama. I was so addicted to this drama. I love the investigation stories, love all the characters.

Still remember last time, I always like to watch it and have my dinner at the same time, and with those remains examinate scene I always feel like its kind of disgusting and it do make me feel like vomit sometimes. But after past few weeks, I have already get used to it.

Season 7 end up with Brennan was a suspect and she was gonna to run away from arrest because all the evidences were just proved that she was the murdered. Meanwhile her best friend, Angela was keep on trying to figure out the triangle code that the origin murder left in his room.

Even though it was almost 1am in the morning but I still keep going watching season 8 episode 1, because I do really want to know how she get back to the Jeffersonian Lab.

Honestly, I truly, deeply in love with all those six main characters. Dr. Brennan played as a smart, pretty forensic anthropologist. I really love this character, not because she is smart, she reads a lot (like me, but I didn't read as much as she reads). Also, she is the one who brings everyone together.

Angela, the only Chinese in this drama, who has specialize in craniofacial reconstruction. She wasn't as smart as Brennan but she is very friendly, caring, always gives many advices to Brennan while she get lost. 

Hodgins, the entomologist, a smart and funny character who is also expert in spores and minerals. Love all the scenes that he played, every episode every scene is just so funny. 

To be honest, due to my broken english I don't really watch a lot of US drama last time, but since my friend recommend to watch this, and now I'm so addicted to this. 


一开始看这部电视剧时就觉得很恶心,可是看久了真的越看越有趣,而且还有很多好笑的场面(其实应该说我什么都会笑)实在太爱这部了,之前还在想以后将来我有孩子一定要把他们的名字改成他们的名字,毕竟这些名字比较特别,不像那些什么Sara,Jesicca,Joanne, 的,因为单单Sara我就认识有三个以上,没有什么特别。

话说回来,除了因为故事逼真吸引之外,人物都很相当的吸引,不但聪明有时还很搞笑,这是真的很好看的美剧!!! =]


  1. 我从第一集就开始下载到今天居然都还没有开始看,每办法,目前的时间只足够我追CSI 而已,呵呵~~

    1. 等我看完White Collar我也是要看CSI了!!! =]

  2. 哈哈,我最近也是在看美剧,

    1. 在看什么呢??? 有什么好介绍的吗??? =]


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