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Sunday, January 13, 2013

【Drama|戏剧】The Beat (鼓舞)

Seriously, I'm kind of like boring to hell, I seldom of malaysian will watch Malaysia drama. But anyway, this drama is just so terrible. Even though the story is quite good and interesting, but all the actors and actress were just so unprofessional!!!

You know what, I'm in episode 3 now (really, I have no idea why I can stay and watch constantly till episode 3 as I really like this drama) Well, I used to listen to something while I was working so I just let it on, plus be a malaysian...even I'm not always proud to be a malaysian but I do feel like I need give some support to it. 

Back to the story, actually, I like the story, but I can't stand for those actors, they just read the dialog instead of speak naturally. Seriously, you will have the feeling that they are actually reading the dialog, the whole freaking dialog without cutting anything or add in anything, is just like your parents telling you a bedtime story. 

Follow everything!!! Moreover, those just gimme an unprofessional impression, nothing much to say, I know is hard to have mandarin drama in Malaysia, but did you all try your best to play well the role??? Honestly, I didn't see any effort from it and everything just like so whatever, just try to get work done as soon as possible!!!

So much complains, why am I still watching this??? I have no idea about it too, so I want to get a job asap, anyone wants to hire me, I will work as hard as I can, I don't mind OT, I don't mind work oversea, I just want to get out from the house, hate to sit at home work for nothing and serving my nieces and nephews (of course, I have a choice for not to serve them, but I don't like to see my mom to be so tired in the meanwhile!!!) 

Get a day, seriously, I would like to just write whatever serving that I did and what I seen from their overprotective parents, which are my sisters!!!




不说小孩,剧里面的男主角就是马来西亚电影“甲洞”的男主角,这个还勉强可以接受,其他的,也是在“读。对。白”,一点专业的演绎都没有(真不知道为什么我可以看到第三集)。很多说话说得一点都不自然,想像下,你们自己写下自己要说的话,然后完完全全得背起来,接着再跟你要与他对话得那个人交谈,保证那个人一定会问你,你为什么说话那么的奇怪? 对,前三集我看到的就是这样,看他们像是在读书似的。




我真不知道我会不会坚持看完全部,因为根本就是浪费时间。。。哎!!! 之前的高校铁金刚和逆风18都没有这样的读对白!!!

真想快点找到工作!!! 有誰要请Aeronautical Engineer??? 不需要到aero的工作都可以,因为我很喜欢用CAD画很多东西,最近就在练习画车(有空才跟大家分享我画的进展),大多CAD的software我都会,Mechanical的工作也不赖,只要是engineering的工作,不是对人,整天对电脑画图,对机器也没关系,非常喜欢加班,最好就是早出晚归的那种,因为在家会被那些侄儿侄女气,气得我每次都无话可说,唯有乐观点把它想成是在训练我的EQ!!! =]


  1. lol, malaysia also got good de movie like Kepong gangster ah~ well, guess i will not watch this movie since you had review it as bad ~ haha

  2. errr, call me mean but still i am not interested in all the malaysian production (yet).. even the most acclaimed CNY movies from Astro/myFM last years, sorry i forgotten their names, i didn't even have the intention to watch..

  3. ^^"~感觉你很痛苦~~

    1. 没有很痛苦啦,我只是要有东西在旁边走着听而已,可是假如叫我坐下慢慢欣赏那是绝对的浪费时间哦!!! =]


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