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Monday, January 21, 2013

【Movie|电影】The Last Stand|終極封鎖線

Love this action film, especially the "Chevrolet Camaro ZL1", this car is so cool!!! Well, besides from aircraft, I'm crazy about cars too!!! =] The story not quite attractive but at least the story make sense and the with the age of Arnold Schwarzenegger, he played exact almost same of his age range with all those fight action scenes, compare to Tom Cruise in "Jack Reacher", can see that it's real fight instead of using editing to match the fight scenes. 

But the sad thing is I read couple of people was criticized that, the story is boring and has too much of rude words!!! Umm, honestly, I had the feeling of comment back that, that's the way how they speak, and that's not much rude in it, or is it that, you people just criticized on many "f**king" or "son of the b*tch" that they said??? Can truly tell that, you seldom watch US film or drama, couples of those words are fine!!! That's the how Malaysian said "hot till die la" but in their culture, we will said it as"is f**king hot"!!! I don't get what's the matter of it, well, the movie is 18++ movie, I bet no parents can bring their kids to watch this film in the theater. Aside from that, a lot of professional movie reviewers were kind of impressive with the film can have such a great action scenes with such a low budget!!!

客户走了,哥哥和二姐夫终于有机会和我去看电影啦,等了好久哦!!! 目前为止非常喜欢这部电影,因为还没看其他的,最特别的就是里面Chevrolet Camaro ZL1,经过改装真是太帅了。曾经影评说被评成本太低,一定不会有什么好看头,谁知电影一上映却跌破眼镜,尤其是在大片玉蜀黍厂里飞车的画面,真是非常的不错。65岁的Arnold Schwarzenegger像似很清楚的年龄在电影里展现了出来,一幕逃进咖啡店跌到爬起来时,旁人问他还好吗,他回答了一句“old”,真是幽默!!! 这让我想起“Jack Reacher”的Tom Cruise利用剪辑来跳过打斗镜头,他真是逊色不少。

之前忙的东西多一直都没有时间写,却看了很多人说这部电影很多粗口,嗯!!! 不会真的一直说出口,只是这种场面通常都是会有这样的对话的(是真的蛮正常的,假如叫他们要过滤掉那些“f”或“b”字,那真的。。。有点无聊,不好意思我是真的比较西洋化),不要粗口下次就选那种家庭小品的那种看吧,肯定不会有!!! 


  1. 我也看了这部电影,很不错看哦! =D

  2. i think this movie is quite interesting,
    Tho im not fan of arnold


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