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Friday, June 24, 2016

【Cafeteria|食堂】Al Jah Cafeteria|鋁扎哈食堂

June 24, 2016, Friday
They've very big portion meal here, like the one I order the day before, it kept me for two meal. So since so good experience from the first time, I decided to try the delivery again but with another restaurant.
這裏的食物幾乎都很大份,經常都足夠我吃兩餐,就好像我的前一餐那樣。 既然第一次的經驗不錯,所以我再嘗試第二次,但是不同的餐廳。

But! But!! BUT!!! This time it wasn't gimme a good experienced, the food came like an hour later, I almost gone crazy because I was very hungry due to more than 10 hours not eating. My colleague said is normal here and espacially it's their peak hour now (oh, seriously? 10 pm something is peak hours??) Yea, due to is Ramadan period SO 10 pm something is considered the peak hours. Thanks to the delivery man for deliver my food so late... They're all cold despite they still taste good. It's definitely my first and last to try this restaurant again.
但是這一家餐廳就讓我跌破眼鏡了,送餐人員竟然在差不多一個小時后才送來,我都快餓瘋了。 同事告訴我送餐遲到這種事,在這裏很普通,不像歐洲那種,遲到就不收錢了,而且加上這個時候是繁忙時間(原來我現在才知道在齋戒期間,晚上10點多是這裏的繁忙時間) 就因爲遲到的送餐,所以這個食物已經變得很冷了(要不是我吃東西不挑,我看給其他人,他們早就會扔進垃圾桶了)雖然食物已冷了,但是它的味道還是好吃,可是對於這一家,這是我的第一次也是最後一次。

Al Jah Cafeteria
Al Juraina 1, Al Zayed Road, University City, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
06 5589290
24 Hours

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  1. 没想到晚上十点还是这么多人吃东西。

    1. 心語,幾乎都是阿拉伯餐,呵呵!


  2. The order this time seems not that much. Is it just sandwich and fries?

  3. Gordon Ramsay mode on: "What's that pile of mess? It looks soggy and disgusting! And cold? People could get sick eating it!!!"

    Normal mode back: Er.. doesn't look too appetizing. Really taste good ah?

    1. I don't picky on food, so is still accepts me for me la. Hehe!


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