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Monday, June 20, 2016

【Random|隨寫】Bad Luck Incident 1|倒霉事件1

June 20, 2016, Monday
My bad luck incident 1 was started right after I left the lift, I saw an ATM machines at the side. So I was thinking use my company card to withdraw some local company.
第一件倒霉事件,完全是因爲我自己的粗心大意。 因爲在升降機出來后,我看到旁邊有個提款機,所以我就用了公司的信用卡提款。

I don't know what's wrong with me, I was so careless to key in the PIN wrongly three times. Smart!! Never in my life I would do that again, because it was my first time using the card so when I got the wrong PIN I should stop trying instead. But I was so stupid and kept trying after exceed three times, then the card has locked!!
這是我第一次用這張信用卡,沒想到我竟然按錯了密碼三次,因爲我忘記了我放哪一個密碼。 而且我還粗心到當我按錯了一次,我應該即刻將卡取出,但是我沒有。 我還繼續的嘗試,直到第三次,我的卡被鎖上了,我才回過神來!

I called the number back on the card, it wasn't working. Then I go online to search for all the numbers I can found under the bank, those numbers are just not working!!
既然發生了,就必須趕緊尋找解決方法,我撥打了在卡後面的服務電話號碼,但是它們統統都無法撥通。 上網找了很多個相關的號碼,但都沒有一個可以順利的撥通。

In the end I found their Facebook page in their website, I went to their Facebook page under the "Help" tab, I raised my problem there in private message. They did reply me that I can do that by calling or online to unlock it. But obviously I've tried those which are certainly not working, then I left the work to my finance department handle it.

Surprisingly, the Bank of America called me (thankfully I was still using my Malaysia SIM card) they were just trying to follow up the problem. Then this staff, she was so good, she got me directly to the card Customer Service line, I was almost there to get a new PIN, but unfortunately the line was cut off suddenly.

By that moment I look at the number that called me, I realized I should put +1 in front of those numbers I've called. As the Customer Service phone number shows at the back of the card wasn't showing +1. Because this is a US number, which is to call to US we need to dial +1 then following by the US number.

So I tried again with +1 in front, thank goodness... I got the card back in active after 5 days, can imagine I was without money in 5 days in far west country. Luckily I always have a backup, I didn't change some of AED with my own money before I depart. o.O
到了最後,我在他們的官方網站的面子書上,看到一個“幫助”鍵,在裏頭我詢問他們相關的問題。 之後他們有郵件回我說我可以撥打電話或上網更換新的密碼,但是這些我統統都嘗試過,沒有一個方法成功。 事後我就把這問題交給了公司的財務部去處理。


我看看了撥打電話來的電話號碼,這下我才會過意來,原來在信用卡上的服務號碼是美國號碼,我需要打+1在前面才可以撥打。 因爲在信用卡上又沒有寫上我要打+1,才可以撥打那號碼,所以我才一直打不到嘛!


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  1. 这些糊涂事 公干多几次就习惯了啦 没事!:P

  2. Makes me think of a time long time ago, i wanted to withdrawn $ from A bank ATM, but i went to B bank ATM, can't withdraw $, only to realised i went to the wrong bank ATM, so blur me...

  3. 哇,看得我心情也跟著緊張起來!

  4. Smart that you have backup. Were there any colleagues there who could have lent you some money if you really need them?

    1. Hmm, I think is better figure out my own, hehe...not good to lend money from others.

  5. Thank goodness it was sorted out in the end.


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