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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

【Restaurant|餐廳】New Emirates Home Restaurant L.L.C|新酋長國住家餐廳

June 22, 2016, Wednesday
It was still Ramadan period, seriously it's so not that fun in Islamic country, because you need to be aware all the time, not to drink and eat at the public. AND due to Ramadan also, I tried myself to fit in, to eat after 7 pm.
在開齋節期間到伊斯蘭教國,的確是一件不好玩的事,因爲沒有齋戒的人必須時時刻刻都謹慎的注意著。 爲此避免犯錯的方法一就是索性跟著齋戒,二你就是當你真的需要喝水還是吃東西的時候,你一定必須躲起來盡量不要讓他們看到。(這還不是講笑,到杜拜商場閑逛的時候,由於還是齋戒,那該怎麽辦? 所以我都是去上厠所,上完厠所就喝水,是要在厠所裏面喝哦! 不是外面洗手盆那邊! 這的確是有點不衛生啦! 要不然呢? 我真的很渴嘛!)

 Forgot to take my dinner picture on the second day, so forget about that, now comes to the third day's dinner. I made my own dinner the second night, when it comes the third night, I turned lazy, then my colleague said I can call to order delivery.
而在工作期間呢,我都盡量的配合他們到了晚間7點后才用餐,不然我自己也躲到很幸苦。 第二天的晚餐是我自己簡單煮一煮的,我都忘了拍照。 來到第三天,我有點懶惰了,同事跟我說我可以叫外賣。

I was wanted to order the "Arabic Biriyani" but I think they got confused or heard wrongly, they sent me "Chicken Biriyani Spicy" indeed.
所以我就來嘗試嘗試一下當地的食物,但可惜我下訂單的時候,餐廳的人應該是聽錯了,把我要的“Arabic Biriyani”變成了“Chicken Biriyani Spicy”。

 I didn't wait so long for the delivery as the place was quite close to my workstation. I was glad the order came so fast, because I was pretty hungry.
食物意外的很快就送來,但也許是因爲這家餐廳很靠近我工作的地方吧! 拿到食物時候才付現金,感謝他是很快就來到,不然我都快餓扁了。

 At first I thought I just order one dish, why it comes so many small dish? I see, those are the side dish (PS: the bread and the fries doesn't come with what I order, those are from colleague, he said he couldn't finish, then he put on my dish =.=) The chicken is hidden inside the rice, overall the taste are quite good, I guess due to the spicy flavor.
當食物來到的時候,我還奇怪怎麽這麽多盒子,我不是衹叫一份嗎? 原來這個就是一份,這樣的一份我是吃不完的,這樣的分量,夠我吃兩餐。 同事問我爲什麽沒有鷄肉的,我翻開飯來看,原來鷄肉藏在飯裏面,總括來説他的味道還不錯,應該是有辣的效應吧,我還蠻喜歡吃的(PS: 在飯上面的麵包和薯條不屬于這一份的,那是我同事説他吃不完,硬放在我的食物上叫我吃的)

New Emirates Home Restaurant L.L.C 
Opposite Defense Gate, University Street, Muwalei, University City, Sharjah, UAE
06 5387074, 06 5387075
6 AM to 12 Midnight

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  1. I like briyani, but need to share if i eat, as find the rice a lot...

  2. The question is, could you finish the food? I look at the pictures, I feel full already. Rice + naan + your friend's fries...

    1. Of course I couldn't finish all of them, I kept the behalf for the next meal, hehe!

  3. Your colleague is so cute, he can't finish his food so he put his food on your food for you to eat. I see your rice looks tasty but a lot. Did you finish everything?

    1. Yea. They have the habit that when I said I don't want but they still put the food on my plate told me to finish it.

      Nope, I kept for second meal.


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