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Monday, June 20, 2016

【Transport|交通】Bad Luck Incident 2|倒霉事件2

June 20, 2016, Monday
From Dubai Airport to Sharjah Airport, because Sharjah Airport is near to my workstation. From Dubai Airport, to take a taxi, if you're a female, they will send you to a female driver, and driver are wears in pink.
遠在機場,即使要解決信用卡的事情也不是即時的事,所以我打算到了住處才打算,我要抵達的目的地不是杜拜,而是他隔壁的城市,沙迦。 從杜拜機場出來,我尋找著德士乘搭,工作人員指向女生的德士給我。 身穿粉紅色頭巾的女德士,可以説是因爲要顧及女性的安全,所以對於女性乘客,他們是鼓勵乘搭女性司機德士的。

Due to Ramadan in UAE, they start work at 9 pm and finish at 2 pm is their finishing work period so the traffic was pack. A 20+ minutes drive takes about almost an hour which is 106 AED.

Arrived at Sharjah Airport, I thought I could walk to my workstation. But came across a staff at the airport, he said it's too far for me to walk, I need to take a taxi to get there.
因爲這期間還是開齋節期間,所以他們工作時間是早上9點到下午2點。 而當時我碰巧遇上了他們放工時間,還好德士司機會兜路的避開了塞車。 短短二十幾分鐘的車程,需要我106迪拉姆。



Thus I got another taxi goes to the location, but there still not my workstation. But from that location, I can see my workstation building, I was thinking to walk there......hmmm...under 40 degree Celsius sun, maybe 10 minutes walking distance here, the heat on the road is burning my feet, my shoes...... In the end I gave up, I called the manager at that workstation told him my location and he came and get me. And here is when I start using international calls......
所以我再從沙迦機場我再搭上機場德士前往哦我的工作室。 但是我下車的地方還不是我工作室的建築物,詢問之下,他指向對面的建築物,眼看是很近,但是在40度攝氏的高溫下行走10分鐘,泊油路上的氣溫一直燃燒著我的鞋底。 所以忍無可忍的情況下,我才用上我手機,在沙迦打上了第一通國際電話。。。。

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  1. Wah, your work place is within the airport compound? Vip job you got there. Smart of you to call the manager to get you else you might have fainted from the heat and fatigue.

  2. Wah, lucky you called for help, how to walk wor, 40 degrees, huhuhu..

  3. That's so nice for the Muslims over there to finish wor at 2pm. I guess it's good so that they can prepare food to break fast. Wah, you can just travel home anytime since your workplace is near to the airport. hahaha

    1. Not really, the public transport here is so not convenient.

      My job is Simulator Junior Support Engineer


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