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Friday, June 10, 2016

【Haul|購物】HM The Queen's 90th Birthday Stamp|英女皇90大壽郵票

June 10, 2016, Friday
On 21 of April, I saw news about The Queen Elizabeth II's birthday celebration. And on the date itself they're start selling stamp where has their royal pictures printed on the stamp. 

 Among all, this is one attract to me the most, because of the smiling of Little Prince George of course. I don't collect stamps but my eldest sister did. So I wanted to buy it for her.
喬治王子小王子的魅力,那可愛的笑容,好像幾乎搶完了他奶奶的光。 雖然我本身是不收集郵票的,但是我大姐有收集郵票,所以我就買下了送給她。

✈4   £2.56
 I make my order on April of 21, it was on pre-order sales, but on the receipt was written "delivered in 3-5 working days" I didn't receive anything after 5 days. The the first letter come, which is the first picture, it arrived on May 10. (Gosh, it takes so long time)
事不宜遲,我假如不當下下訂單,我過後一定會忘記的。 下了訂單后,收到的收據上寫著“3到5天的傳送時間”,但是5天后,我還未收到任何信件,之後我就不了了之的忘記了。 在5月10日,第一封信件終于來到,但奇怪的是裏面衹有郵票,那另外的首日封呢?

✈6   £3.49
In the mail, I only received stamp street itself, I remember I did make another order on First day cover, why they don't come on the same mail? Then I tried go through the process wanted to trace it back. Forget it, it post from UK to here...it's super difficult to trace. Then I totally forget about it...BUT on June 10, I got another mail, surprisingly the the first day cover. It does take long time, but good that I still got it in the end and my eldest sister got the same impression as me, when she look at it the first time, she said the little prince is so cute and she love it a lot! =D
我開始想要去查到底另外的首日封何時才收到? 是不是寄丟了? 但可惜這是從英國那邊寄過來的,要追查下去,也許有些難度。 到最後我就放棄了,誰知道在6月10日的時候,我收到第二封信件,這就是那遺失的首日封,儘管它用了這麽長時間抵達,但最終有出現,一切都不是問題了。 而且我大姐看到第一反應也是“中間那個小的很可愛哦!” 呵呵!

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  1. Your eldest sister must be very, very happy to receive this from you. You are such a thoughtful and sweet younger sister. I think the first day cover and stamp is very nice too.

    1. She recived another gift from me also, a Longchamp bag, hehe!


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