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Saturday, June 25, 2016

【Random|隨寫】Bad Luck Incident 4|倒霉事件4

June 25, 2016, Saturday
Incident 4 is almost related to incident 1. Due to my card is lock, it was all because my careless mistake so I got to sort it out myself.
我的倒霉事件還沒有結束,而這一件倒霉事件事由倒霉事件一所引起的。 一切都是因爲我自己的粗心而開始,而這個粗心所帶出來的禍還真的不小啊。。。

Before I got to the Facebook page Help, I was able to found a number, unfortunately the staff was able to pull any of my info under my card so she wasn't able to unlock my card. Check out the time period of the "OutGoing Call". The signal was bounds from UAE to Malaysia then to US.

Few days later I got my phone bill in message, it was RM386, which was ridiculous high! My phone bill was never exceed RM150, I mean RM150 is the highest I got, usually was RM 90 to RM 120, that's all!

Even so, I still need to pay it,  I was wanted to pay it online, but in order to pay that, my phone will received a verification code. BUT due to that bill, my phone was no longer received any message.

Great!! Luckily the What's app still working, as long as I've the wifi. So I got to ask my sister from Malaysia to pay the phone bill for me o.O
當我還沒收到銀行面子書的專員幫忙之前,我嘗試自己打電話到銀行求助,但是沒有想到的是那個電話打不着,所以我就沒辦法的開了自己馬來西亞手機的網訊漫游服務。 也因爲這銀行是美國的專屬公司,所有的通訊及聯絡號碼都是美國號碼。 我打了好幾通,終于有一通接通了,這位很好的服務員盡量的服務我,衹是很可惜說這樣她都沒辦法找到我的資料以提供我更換密碼的方法。

將近30分鐘的通話,電話漫游由這裏漫游回去馬來西亞,再由馬來西亞漫游去美國,這樣來來回回的通話,讓我的電話費高達386零吉。 或許很多人會認爲這個數目不會很高啊! 問題是我平時的電話費都不超過150零吉,幾乎都屬處於90零吉到150零之間。

就因爲超額的電話費,我即使要繳電話費也沒辦法,因爲銀行轉賬還是電訊公司付費,也需要你的手機收到那個確認號碼才可以轉賬的。 這個超額的數目,讓我連那個收訊息的簡單方法都沒有辦法辦到。

慶幸的我這裏我還勉强的找到無綫上網方法,好讓我通知我的姐姐,先幫我付費。 這個真是一錯就帶衰三(對,還有三。。。)

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  1. 小影啊小影,


    1. 我知道,我需要教自己不要把錢看得太重。

  2. Can claim back from your company or not since it is a work related call? Hope you can.

    1. Yea, claimed already, but still that was damn a lot.

  3. Wah, RM 386... Indeed very heartache to pay...

  4. 人平安就好了,钱还能赚回来!雨后会有天晴,这一连串事情后,会有幸福的事情出现的!

  5. I kena shocking bills before when I visited China many years ago before I used Watsap! The stupid roaming line charges were so ridiculous.


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