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Saturday, June 25, 2016

【Soup|湯包】Knorr Classics Vegetable Soup | Knorr 菜湯

June 25, 2016, Saturday
After sharing what I bought, so now sharing how's the taste of the food. First thing come to first is some fulfilling food. So I picked this, the vegetable soup.
帶你看過我買什麽,那接下來一定是來看看他們的味道啦! 來個開頭的當然不是重量級的食物,而是一個衹是開胃填飽一下的蔬菜湯。

Hmmm......what can I say? It just had too much vege in it, and it definitely good to have it in very hot condition, when it's getting cold, you just feel like you're eating bunch of vege with water......
嗯。。。原本想説不要太重口味,所以那一些蔬菜味道的湯包。 卻沒有想到這個蔬菜湯,也太蔬菜了吧! 趁熱吃的時候還好,但就是不要吃到冷了的時候,還在吃,因爲它稍微冷了后,就感覺是一堆蔬菜加水的味道,我到最后幾乎都是用來吞的居多。

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  1. Is like that one lah... these processed food, once it gets cold then it becomes disgusting. Need to eat it fast. :/

  2. Good that it has so much vege in it. If it becomes cold, heat it up again before eating it. Did you drink the vege soup with bread or pasta?

  3. 我也想象它冷掉后的味道,
    應該很 geli 的,哈哈~


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