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Thursday, June 09, 2016

【Festival|節日】Happy Duanwu Festival|端午節快樂

June 9, 2016, Thursday
Happy Duanwu Festival, if didn't wikipedia it, I didn't even know the English name of it is exactly direct pronunciation from the mandarin version.
端午節快樂! 假如沒有刻意去寫這一篇,我還真的不知道端午節的英語也叫“duanwu”,像是同音異詞般。 不過自古以來有賽龍舟的地方都會稱之爲賽龍舟節,吉隆坡這個大城市比較沒有這樣的慶典,所以還是稱之爲“端午節”比較合適吧!

My mom don't celebrate it anymore, so she doesn't make it anymore. However my eldest sister got me one last Friday, it was the vegetarian flavor, hmmm...taste wasn't that good.
媽媽已沒有做大日子的習慣了,所以像是端午節這樣的慶典媽媽也沒有包粽子。 但是端午節不吃個粽子,好像沒有應節的感覺,所以上周六大姐拿來了一個齋的粽子來,衹可惜味道沒有很好。

On Monday my mom got me another one again from the morning market, hehe! This is like the normal one and it taste better. My mom said nowadays very difficult to buy like those traditional one,  they're more tended using the nylon string to tie the dumpling, which with simple chemical science thing, the nylon and the dumpling is boiling together in the pot, practically end up we're eating the dumpling with nylon......
然後在周一的時候,媽媽也在巴刹買了一粒給我,她説現在這樣傳統的很少有人賣了,現在很多都是用尼龍繩來綁粽子的。 可想可知尼龍繩是化學物製成的,這化學物再跟粽子一起在鍋子裏面泡開長時間,那豈不是吃下肚子的也附有化學物質了嗎。。。

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  1. Vegetarian cannot one lah... I rather not eat than eat vegetarian dumpling >.<

  2. Same to you! Today alone, I had 3 big ones already...and it's not even noon. Wouldn't mind if I'd never see another chang till this time next year.

  3. Happy Duanwu Festival to you!

    My wife made so many this year and 3 rounds! She made the normal and Nyonya Bak Chang. They were so nice that got friends specially order now after eating for free.

    1. Last time I've free one too, but not after my aunt has passed away =[

  4. Vegetarian flavour as in there is no pork meat in the dumpling? Or is it just the flavouring?


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