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Sunday, June 26, 2016

【InstantNoodles|快熟面】 Indomie Instant Noodles | 印度面快熟面

June 26, 2016, Sunday
Because I had too little portion of the spaghetti in the morning thus I felt quite hungry at night. So what to have like instantly? Of course is the instant noodles, before point me being not healthy, I got to say I can’t even remember when was the last time I instant noodles, but it’s definitely very long time ago. But I do remember those schools time in university, due to rushing projects, homework and works I had instant noodles quite often. Sh*t! Am I gonna turned into mummy when I died?
因爲早上的意大利麵的分量實在太少了,那麽一丁點的分量,對於大吃的我來説那是不太夠的,所以晚上我就來個快煮的。 什麽是快煮的? 快熟麵就是快煮的啦! 對啦! 這是不太健康,不過不用擔心我平時真的很少吃快熟麵,次數幾乎可以說是零。 這是由於時間關係,所以我必須要不健康一下,我會告訴自己沒有在趕時間的情況下,我是絕對不要碰快熟麵,因爲我真的可不想死了后會變木乃伊啊。。。

I got this egg when I first arrived but I forgot to take picture of every items of it, so now I tried my best to recover all, luckily I still have the receipt with me. This who deck of egg cost 16.80 AED but good that it does last quite long, an egg always become a very nice side dish. (want to listen a silly and funny joke here? Told you I haven’t been cooking quite a long time, the first egg I cook was fine, because it got cook together with the noodles, but a few of the following one, the white egg started to stick with the egg shell, I felt so weird like what happened to the egg? Then I asked my mom, my mom said because those eggs are still not well cook yet =.=!!!)
在我第一次購物的時候,我沒有拍到照片,所以唯有接下來慢慢一樣一樣拍,因爲想到鷄蛋很方便煮,所以我買了一整盒價格16.80迪朗姆。 這一整盒可説是可以用很久,直到我回來后我都還未吃完。 説到鷄蛋我還真不得不提因爲實在太久沒有煮東西了,連半生熟蛋都不會。 因爲當我煮了后,在玻殼的時候,發現那鷄蛋殼一直黏著蛋白,然後我問媽媽,媽媽説因爲那鷄蛋還沒熟啦! 哎! 真是蠢事一堆。

Too much water again and it doesn’t have the spices ingredients inside and it becomes very tasteless…Sigh! Too many sh*tty things, anyway is still okay! The taste doesn’t matter, because I need to eat and studying the same time, So don’t say again why I so fortune to anywhere because of the job. Remember! Everything does need to pay back and need to twice harder to prove to myself also the others said “woman can’t do this and that!” I know next time I should replied “But woman gave birth to you!”
又是一個蠢事,我放得太多水,而且不知道爲什麽我那麽衰,這一包快熟麵裏面沒有調味料=.=!! 但是我還是照吃,那有什麽辦法? 莫非因爲沒有味道就跟他倒掉? 我又沒有什麽醬油還是番茄汁的。 哦! 對了。。。我的生活還真沒有想你想得那麽簡單,因爲要很積極學習的關係,吃飯也有很努力的在學習啊!

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  1. I now wanna cook instant noodles also can't. The induction cooker still not moved from the old place. >.<

  2. I always must have instant noodles or cup noodles in my luggage when I travel to China! Many times I could not eat their food due to the smell and worries that they used faked stuffs. LOLOL

    Hey, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for the post card. It was a real surprise and the beautiful card with the message really lifted up my mood and spirits. I have been trying to move on after losing both my parents within a year. So sad.

    1. Glad you received it, hope we all will getting better no matter what.

  3. 下次冰箱内也收藏一些香腸吧。。。


  4. I have not eaten this type of instant noodles. Not tasty but can fill the stomach is good enough.


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