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Monday, June 20, 2016

【Accommodation|住處】My Accommodation|我的住處

June 20, 2016, Monday
This is my company accommodation so is no point telling where is it. But I can show you about the surrounding inside the apartment.

 I called this as Studio Apartment, where you can find the kitchen and the bed is combine in a room. A simple single bed, a couch, washing machine...unfortunately no chair in the room, I don't know why, so mostly you'll found I standing most of them time.
這是一間床跟厨房的一室公寓,簡單的家具,有沙發,但是沒有椅子=.= 這還真的讓我站很多,因爲我的電腦通常都是放在這灰色的花崗石上,但是它的高度剛剛好,讓我可以很舒服的站著使用電腦,衹是不能站太久罷了。

Since the bed and kitchen is just side by side, don't expect you would any frying thing at the kitchen because that would be all over your bed and clothes.
簡單的家具還包括的洗衣機和火爐,但是也可以看得出床就在旁邊,所以也不能煮到什麽大餐,加上我的厨藝有限,哦! 但確定的是煎炸那些肯定不可以,不然整間房間,床和衣服全部都會是鋪滿了油烟味。

And I almost forgot to take picture of the toilet, so these two pictures were like after two weeks picture, where you can see I finally go buy some table clothes to put on the floor, because it was so wet after shower.
最後當然最不可以缺少的,就是厠所的照片啦,這兩張厠所的照片,不是我一進門時候拍的,而是差不多兩個后才拍的。 所以厠所也已放了我的東西,還有地上的那一塊其實是個桌布,因爲地上實在太濕了,所以每一次衝完涼,我都會抹一番才輕鬆。

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  1. What the... no chair, very inconvenient leh... should raise this "concern" I think... not expected to use the laptop when back at the apartment? Like, reply emails from Malaysia?

    1. No internet in the accommodation, so I don't do need internet stuffs there.

  2. More than enough space for 1 person..Sit on bed reply emails lor.. hehe..

  3. No chair is so not convenient. Like you can only sit on your bed or the sofa. Wah, you stay there for two weeks is quite long.

  4. Nice and cosy studio unit. Just buy one stool for RM20 and life gets easier. LOL


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