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Friday, June 24, 2016

【Random|隨寫】Bad Luck Incident 3|倒霉事件3

June 24, 2016, Friday
My bad luck incident hasn't finish yet.  I don't have internet in my apartment, so what my colleague telling me was to ask my neighbor, to share the wifi with them and I can pay on behalf of that.

So I found my neighbor on my left, she was very nice, I asked her, then she gimme the wifi password, I told her I can pay her for the wifi then she said no need, is FREE!

Then I thought I was so lucky! But on today she changed the wifi password. Why would I say that? Because I still can see her wifi name in the wireless browser but I just can't connect. =.=!

She definitely has the right to do so! Now I was lucky found another neighbor which is in front of my apartment. He said he is paying 3++AED (can't remember the exact amount of that) for the wifi. So I said I pay you 175 AED.

Actually seriously, I don't understand why the lady change the password, I wasn't even use the wifi much, as I was always at work, maybe maximum one or two hours total in a day, just before I go to bed and before I left the apartment and I don't use to play any video, I just use for Googling and Facebooking and instagram maybe, that's all...still don't know what I've done to slow down her wifi that makes her changed the password. Thus by now I did was I just online for 5 minutes maybe to check any updates on Facebook and Instagram, because these apps are not allow to use in my workstation and hope that it can last until the day I finished my shift here.


但這一切卻才持續了幾天,一天我回到家后,我上不到網了。 檢查后才發覺這鄰居換了密碼,因爲在上網的綫上,我還看到她家的網絡名字,衹是傷不到罷了。

這個也怪不了她,因爲這是她的,她是有權力這樣做的。 但幸運的我又找到我對面的鄰居,他跟我說他付300多迪拉姆 (我也不太記得清楚他說的數字)那既然這樣,我就説我付他175迪拉姆。

可是認真回想回去,我真的沒有什麽時間上網,也許是回家后上一陣子,睡覺前和起床后那一下下罷了。 我還想不明爲什麽我隔壁的鄰居要把密碼換掉,我用的才不那幾分鐘,上一下面子書和IG,因爲這兩個在我工作的地方是禁止的(同事跟我說這還是在我抵達的前兩個星期前才開始禁止的,我也太衰了吧!)

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  1. Sometimes people gets too suspicious and worry over nothing. Maybe someone scared her that outsiders could hack into her bank accounts via sharing of internet. Luckily the guy opposite was flexible.

    1. Yea. That's good thing, maybe I can think of like this way, he helps me limit down my internet usage.

  2. Maybe she had to change her password due to some other reasons not related to you. If you don't ask her, you will never know for sure whether it is due to you or not so prefer to think it is not due to you.

    1. Better not ask again, because my colleague has encounter once even worse, the person right away telling him, nope, they can't share with him, like reject directly.


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