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Monday, June 20, 2016

【Airport|機場】Dubai International Airport|杜拜國際機場

June 20, 2016, Monday
I thought everything would just go smooth as I thought, but the truth is things won't go exactly as you expect. My first day was very bad luck and silly since the moment I stepped out of the airport.
在進入我的倒霉篇前,先來看看這個杜拜國際機場吧! 本以爲一切的順利,讓我卻沒有想到接下來惡魔的開始。 難以自信同事常説當你自己一個人在外地工作室時,你就知道沒有那麽順利的了。

But let see from the airport, everything is so tall, the ceiling the middle support poles. Feel like I'm a little human in a big city, that's so strange.
但在展開那故事前,先來看看這杜拜國際機場吧。 朋友妙妙說我一定要去看他們的厠所,因爲那是用金做的,我說哪有這樣的東西啊? 最終我也沒有去到他們的厠所,事後我再問問我的同事他們也説這機場沒有這樣的厠所啦!

Goes out from the luggage claim area, follow the signs and turns to the left. Saw this beautiful decorations motorbike, everything was cover by laces.
有了SIM Card走出提行李區域,跟著指示牌直走再轉左。 看到在中廳的展示,這摩托車全是蕾絲,這未免也太精緻了吧! 幾乎讓我很想去摸一摸(當然這是展示品,是有玻璃圍起來的,所以不要手多多哦!)

To arrivals, need take this big lift and exit, the lift was so freaking huge that I hardly see a big lift, I mean for human, those cargo lift doesn't count. My first day was good until here......to be continued...

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  1. 看了心裏忽然很擔心...


  2. 有的 有黄金厕所的 只不过不是给我们这些凡人参观而已 是给那些VVVIP"享用"的...

    1. 沒有黃金的厠所啦,我已經問了我的同事,他們說沒有這樣的事,那衹是在那7星級酒店罷了!

  3. Wow.. really like in another planet, right? Never been to Dubai before now, the last time I went was in the 1980s during the transit.. cannot recall anything interesting then.. :)

  4. Can't wait to read what happened for the rest of your day 1 in Dubai. I like the lace scooter - looks so pretty but too bad it is just for decorations, can't ride a scooter all covered with laces.

    1. Hahaha, that would be very weird if there's one on the road.


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