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Monday, June 20, 2016


June 20, 2016, Monday
Got the luggage, first come first is the internet, yes! That's what I need the most when I'm oversea and alone. Honestly I'm not a very hand phone type of person, I can live without my phone, like the normal days at home, I don't have my phone with me all the time, mostly I do readings.
拿了行李,第一件事就是找地方買SIIM Card上網,那是很重要的,而且我又處於國外,一個人的時候,那是唯一的通訊,其實我也不是一位機不離手的人,在家裏晚上我是放下手機,然後看書的。

So from the place I take my luggage, actually exit from custom, to the right has a "Dubai Duty Free" store. In front of the counter is where I bought the SIM card.
在關卡出來,拿了行李,然後往右邊走就會看到這家免稅店。 在這裏可以買到電話卡,其實我也不太確定的,衹是我抱著問問的態度去嘗試罷了!

For me, to have a SIM card mostly is for internet, so I told the staff I need the SIM card just for data, then he recommend 1GB for 75 AED (I don't understand why they need to split the bill) But when I go back I see carefully it's 5 hours wifi, SERIOUSLY?? By the way, they will require to have your passport copy as register to the number, so it might take a little bit longer. After done that, I was about to ask staff help me install the SIM card for me. Unfortunately some customers were behind, not to wait until I finished, he already jump into the queue. So I was thinking do it later after I reach at my accommodation then I only do that.

So with that, only last for 1 1/2 day, because I wasn't aware of that until now. WHAT?? My colleague told me later their internet here sucks, so to top up the credit, it's very buy from the supermarket, but the thing is my area wasn't that easy to go to supermarket, that's the tricky part! Hmmm.....
電話卡對我來説最重要的是上網,我拿的配套是1GB,75塊,但是不知道爲什麽他給我的是5個小時上網罷了!(我迷糊到現在才發覺) 我覺得他是拿錯咯! 因我我後面很多人,然後在工作人員拿我的護照登記完后,我本來還想説讓我幫我換SIM card的,但是後面的顧客又很耐性的那樣子。 所以我就唯有等到我到了住處才處理。

這個5個小時的上網(我就奇怪,哪來的5個小時? 現在20世紀,還有這樣這樣的網限?)現在不知道的我,他才頂了1天半就完了。 我的同事後來有跟我説,他們這裏的網絡就是這樣的啦! 雖説店員有説到要增加數額很簡單,衹要到超市就有的買加額配套了,但問題是我住的地方附近沒有超市啊。。。

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  1. 羡慕、佩服!东南西北,哪儿还没有你的足迹吖?!

  2. So in the end, did you manage to buy any top up?

  3. The sim card for data seems not cheap over there. Aiyo... can use the wifi in the hotel mah. Other than that, dont bother about internet lah... just enjoy the trip.

    1. You don't understand if you don't have internet for two months....for working days.


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